Maxpower (S) Pte Ltd is Panasonic's authorized and trusted distributor for VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Batteries.


Panasonic's VRLA batteries can be used in a wide variety of applications.

We are not restricted in marketing these VRLA batteries. We also supply Panasonic lithium coin batteries, nickel metal hydride cells and other Panasonic components.

Authorized Distributor for Panasonic VRLA Batteries

Application Example 1:

Backup power 

supply for trickle, float

  • UPS

  • Emergency light

  • PHS base station

  • PBX

  • Engine starting for portable generator

  • Back-up for lighting equipment (use with solar cells)

  • CVCF

  • CATV

Application Example 2:

Main power supply for cycle use

  • Lantern

  • Lawn mower

  • Electrically powered bicycle

  • Electrically powered wheelchair

  • Portable vacuum cleaner

  • Cellular phone (bag phone)

  • Integrated VTR/VCR

  • Pruner

  • Electrically powered van

  • Road indicator  (use with solar cells)

  • Jet skis

  • Cordless drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Engine start

  • Transciever

  • Sprayer

  • ​Medical equipment (please consult Panasonic)